BARCELONA 21/02/2019
Terms and conditions


1.1. The User acknowledges all the information provided by the site, as well as the Intellectual and Property Rights related to any of ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA brands, as exclusive property of ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA.

1.2. The User agrees to:
a) Use the provided (confidential) information for strictly personal purposes.
b) Abstain from distributing or reproducing, partially or completely, or in any way such information.


2.1. The user irrevocably accepts these "sales & delivery general terms and conditions", as well as any other additional terms, even if the latest are contradictory to the previous sales and delivery general and particular user terms and conditions.

2.2. User’s general and particular terms and conditions DO NOT BIND ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA in any way, unless ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA had previously and expressly accepted them by written agreement. The act of purchase-sale between ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA and the User does not imply ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA´S acceptance of any general or particular established conditions, even if the client has not manifested his disagreement in relation to such terms.


3.1. Promotional prices, and price lists displayed within the site are merely to orientate. ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA holds the right to alter these prices anytime without previous notice. Placed orders are subject to price variations.

3.2 Displayed prices do not include Value Added Tax (VAT) neither include shipping and handling costs. (See section 5 Shipping rates & policies)

3.3. Nevertheless, shipping rates applied on bills issued by ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA will be those effective at shipping departure time, regardless of any previously posted rates.


4.1. No minimum order is specified.

4.2. Backorders are automatically cancelled.


5.1. Exemptions of shipping costs apply to orders of net amounts over 200 € when delivered within the Iberic Peninsula; and over 600 € when delivering to Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and Portugal. Except in concrete cases of cubic meter excess where then we will have to charge freight expenses, previous consultation.

5.2. For orders of lower net amounts that the ones established in previous paragraph, the cost of shipping and transportation will vary according to destination as described on chart below:

City of Barcelona 6,00€
Rest of Iberic Peninsula 7,20€
Balearic Islands 30,00€
Ceuta y Melilla 30,00€
Canary Islands 30,00€
Andorra 40,00€
Portugal 40,00€

5.3. ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA has the right to alter its freight policy whenever due to shipping destination and total volume, a different rate applies.

5.4. Orders to be delivered to the rest of Europe will be freight collect, and its cost will depend on the total volume and destination of shipment.


6.1 Indicated product delivery time terms are merely to orientate, and do not bind ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA S.L. in any way.

6.2. The client does not have the right to request order annulment or compensation of any kind (shipping costs refund included) in case of product delivery delay due to circumstances beyond ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA’s control.

6.3. The client can not refuse to pay the price of delivered product, once partial supply of an order by ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA has taken place.


7.1 The risk of merchandise loss/damage is automatically transferred to the client at shipping departure time.

7.2 ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA S.L. declines responsibility of any kind related to delivered merchandise in case of improper handling or usage.


8.1 It is a compulsory condition to leave written notification of any incidence related to merchandise state, packaging condition, or quantity of product, on transport dispatch note signed by the client, and at delivery moment.

8.2. It is also indispensable to inform ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA of such incidences within 24 hours after merchandise reception, sending fax or e-mail addressed to Customers Service Department.

8.3. Discrepancies, anomalies or disconformities regarding bills issued by ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA related to charged amounts, discounts applied, or special conditions are to be notified through fax or e-mail within 15 days after billing date.


9.1 Merchandise returning will not be accepted without previous agreement between ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA S.L. and the Client.

9.2. No returning goods will be accepted after 30 days of invoicing date

9.3. Returned products must be in perfect condition and preserve its original packaging.

9.4. Return transport fees are to be met by the Client, unless flaws and anomalies in merchandise could be attributed to ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA


10.1 First order will be paid cash.

10.2 Payment terms are 30 days after invoicing date and by standing order through the bank advised by the User.


11.1 When ordering through this web site, the Client expressly accepts the application of these terms and conditions on the commercial transactions held. This software allows the Client to preview ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA ´s price lists and order dispatch on-line.

11.2 The Client expressly states that anyone using the software under his name is a client authorized user and therefore, is entitled to place product/service orders from ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA on behalf and on account of the Client.

11.3. Consistently, the Client accepts amounts indebted by ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA related to any transactions made making use of Client’s details/data, as if these were made by the Client himself, and therefore accepts to pay such amounts without objection.

11.4. The Client accepts that any order placed through this software or any other electronic channel is a valid and binding order towards the Client, and will have the legal effectiveness of regular order placed on written form.

11.5 The Client acknowledges ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA’s incapacity to guarantee internet security, and is aware of the possibility of interception and improper handling of Client’s details and information submitted to ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA. Nevertheless, ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA has the right to consider any form of client information received as truthful.

11.6. ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA holds the right to accept or refuse any purchase order placed through this software.

11.7. The Client accepts a valued dispatch note issued by ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA as a valid and sufficient document related to merchandise shipping. Consistently, a commercial bill will be accepted as a valid and sufficient document regarding purchase and terms of payment for services and products acquired through this electronic commerce software.

11.8. ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA General Terms & Conditions are applicable to every order placed through this electronic commerce software, unless a previous agreement between ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA and the Client specifies other particular conditions related to purchase and license of use of the acquired products ("purchase contract"). These particular terms and conditions stated in the "Purchase contract" will apply to purchase and license of use of products ordered through this electronic commerce software in that particular case only.

11.9. ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA will not be held responsible for any kind of secondary damage, direct or indirect, emerging or special, produced by, or as a consequence of the electronic submitting of orders and information, even in the case of previous notification to ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA about the possibility of this damage taking place.

11.10. The Client renounces to any present o future query on the legal effectiveness and executability of any order placed through this electronic commerce software, alleging the electronic nature of the order and its authorization.

11.11. The Client is responsible of every expense and cost involved in the utilization of this software, including without limitations, telephonic connection, telecommunication equipment and consumption expenses, etc.


The validity and accomplishment of this General Conditions will be held by the code of laws of ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA and it will be subjected to the Jurisdiction and Courts of Barcelona, accepting the Client the exclusive jurisdiction of this Court, keeping a part the right of ARTIST ART MATERIALS SA of initiating any legal action against the Client in any other Court that could be competent in recovering any pending debt from the Client.